Association of blood pressure and polychlorinated biphenyl levels.

  title={Association of blood pressure and polychlorinated biphenyl levels.},
  author={Kathleen Kreiss and Matthew M. Zack and Renate D Kimbrough and Larry L Grandjean Needham and A L Smrek and Barry A. Thom Kim K. Jones},
  volume={245 24},
The geometric mean serum level of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) of 458 persons in a communitywide study was 17.2 microgram/L, with 80% to 90% having levels within the range found in other community groups. As a dependent variable, PCB levels were found to be positively related to age, even when controlled for all other variables associated with PCB level: sex, local fish consumption, obesity, serum cholesterol level, and alcohol consumption. No major point source of PCB contamination was… CONTINUE READING

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