Association of Rhizobium Strains with Roots of Trifolium repens.

  title={Association of Rhizobium Strains with Roots of Trifolium repens.},
  author={Jane Badenoch-Jones and David J. Flanders and Barry G. Rolfe},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={49 6},
TWO TECHNIQUES WERE USED TO ASSESS THE BINDING OF RHIZOBIA TO CLOVER ROOTS: indirect counting after radiolabeling the bacteria and direct counting by using phase-contrast microscopy. Microscopic observations revealed a large variability in the number of bacteria associated with individual root hairs. This variability made unbiased counting by microscopy difficult. Systematic examination of all visible root hairs and "blind" counting of coded strains and treatments were adopted to minimize… CONTINUE READING


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