Association of MEK1 with p21ras.GMPPNP is dependent on B-Raf.

  title={Association of MEK1 with p21ras.GMPPNP is dependent on B-Raf.},
  author={S A Moodie and Mark J. Paris and Walter Kolch and Alan Wolfman},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={14 11},
We have previously reported that immobilized p21ras forms a GMPPNP-dependent complex with a MEK activity. Furthermore, the association of the MEK activity was found to be independent of the presence of Raf-1. We have extended those observations to show that MEK1 is the MEK activity previously described to associate with immobilized p21ras.GMPPNP. The association between MEK1 and immobilized p21ras.GMPPNP increased its specific activity towards p42MAPK. We detected the specific association of B… CONTINUE READING

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