Association of MDM2 SNP309, age of onset, and gender in cutaneous melanoma.

  title={Association of MDM2 SNP309, age of onset, and gender in cutaneous melanoma.},
  author={Elnaz F Firoz and Melanie A Warycha and Jan Zakrzewski and Danuta Pollens and Guimin Wang and Richard L. Shapiro and Russell Scott Berman and Anna C Pavlick and Prashiela Manga and Harry Ostrer and Julide Tok Celebi and Hideko Kamino and Farbod Darvishian and Linda M. Rolnitzky and Judith D. Goldberg and Iman Osman and David Polsky},
  journal={Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research},
  volume={15 7},
PURPOSE In certain cancers, MDM2 SNP309 has been associated with early tumor onset in women. In melanoma, incidence rates are higher in women than in men among individuals less than 40 years of age, but among those older than 50 years of age, melanoma is more frequent in men than in women. To investigate this difference, we examined the association among MDM2 SNP309, age at diagnosis, and gender among melanoma patients. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Prospectively enrolled melanoma patients (N = 227… CONTINUE READING