Association of Institutes for Bee Research Report of the 54th seminar in Veitshöchheim 27–29 March 2007

  title={Association of Institutes for Bee Research Report of the 54th seminar in Veitsh{\"o}chheim 27–29 March 2007},
  author={J. Radtke and E. Etzold and I. Iilies and R. Siede and R. B{\"u}chler and J. Wegener and Z. Huang and K. Bienefeld and M. Kleinhenz and B. Bujok and S. Fuchs and J. Tautz and U. Knauer and B. Meffert and Ch. Heimken and W. Kirchner and R. Brodschneider and N. Hrassnigg and J. Vollmann and M. Petz and U. Riessberger-Gall{\'e} and K. Crailsheim and R. Thenius and K. Uhl and S. Krainer and H. Kovac and M. K{\"o}nig and H. Thiel and A. Schlesinger and M. Almanza and D. Wittmann and G. R. Makert and R. Paxton and K. Hartfelder and A. M. Muffert and L. Trein and M. Schindler and A. Hamm and W. Schumacher and K. Ruoff and A. Schroeder and K. Ohe and W. Ohe and J. Smanalieva and B. Lichtenberg-kraag and B. Senge and B. Fritz and D. Weber and K. Wallner and M. Kasina and C. Martius and I. Illies and J. K{\"u}hn and K. Schneider and K. Forchmann and K. Friedrichs and E. M. Haas and M. Interthal and K. Jaenicke and T. K{\"u}hn and B. Mergler and E. Mertens and J. Raehse and Y. Schr{\"u}ffer and N. Seelinger and K. S{\"o}lch and C. Weissenborn and I. Hoffmann and R. C. Peruquetti and S. Berg and C. F{\"a}rber and N. Koeniger and R. Moritz and S. Spiewok and E. Schmolz and J. Ruther and R. Alkattea and H. Steidle and P. Rosenkranz and P. Aumeier and J. Lipka and G. Liebig and E. Frey and D. Yue and A. Ashiralieva and K. Hedtke and E. Genersch and N. Nordhoff and L. Wieler and C. Yue and M. Schr{\"o}der and I. Lon{\vc}ari{\'c} and I. Derakhshifar and H. K{\"o}glberger and R. Moosbeckhofer and R. Mart{\'i}n and M. Higes and A. Meana},
s / Association of Institutes for Bee Research Seminar 483 8. Effects of colony splitting on population development and health status of honey bee colonies. I. Illies, R. Siede, R. Büchler Effekte der Jungvolkbildung auf die Entwicklung und Krankheitsbelastung von Bienenvölkern. Effets de la division des colonies sur le développement et l’état sanitaire des colonies d’abeilles. 9. Analysis of beekeeping practice in Syria for the development of a country wide breeding program. K. Zakour, K… Expand
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