Association of COMT Val108/158Met genotype with smoking cessation.

  title={Association of COMT Val108/158Met genotype with smoking cessation.},
  author={Marcus R Munaf{\`o} and Elaine C. Johnstone and Boliang Guo and Michael F Murphy and Paul Aveyard},
  journal={Pharmacogenetics and genomics},
  volume={18 2},
OBJECTIVES We attempted to extend a previous finding of an association of COMT genotype with response to nicotine-replacement therapy (NRT), in a larger cohort of treatment-seeking smokers, with greater statistical power to detect possible moderating effects of sex. We also investigated the association of the COMT genotype with withdrawal and mood symptoms, to identify possible mediating mechanisms by which the COMT genotype might influence response to NRT. METHODS Participants were eligible… CONTINUE READING