Association between vitamin D receptor genetic polymorphisms and acute cellular rejection in liver-transplanted patients.


Vitamin D receptor (VDR) polymorphisms may confer susceptibility to immunologically mediated liver diseases. We aimed to verify whether recipient VDR polymorphisms might affect the incidence of acute cellular rejection (ACR) of the graft after liver transplantation (LT). Two hundred and fifty-one liver-transplanted patients surviving at least 1month were studied. ACR in the first post-LT year was graded according to the Banff score. Recipients genotyping for VDR polymorphic sites (FokI C>T, BsmI G>A, ApaI T>G, TaqI T>C) was performed. A significant difference was found between patients with and without ACR episodes in allele frequencies of BsmI (G: 0.660 vs. 0.545, P=0.017) and TaqI (T: 0.667 vs. 0.543, P=0.010). Patients carrying the G-*-T/G-*-T diplotypes of the BsmI G>A, ApaI T>G and TaqI T>C experienced more frequently ACR: 33/79 Vs 42/172, P=0.005. Carriage of G-*-T/G-*-T diplotypes was an independent predictor of ACR (OR 2.41, P=0.006), with CMV reactivation (OR 2.34, P=0.033) and HCV aetiology (OR 1.86, P=0.036). In conclusion, recipient VDR polymorphic loci are strongly associated with ACR occurrence during the first year after LT. The knowledge of VDR genetic polymorphisms may be helpful in identifying recipients at higher risk of ACR and in selecting them for a more aggressive immunosuppressive therapy.

DOI: 10.1111/j.1432-2277.2011.01419.x


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