Association between vasectomy and risk of prostate cancer: a meta-analysis.

  title={Association between vasectomy and risk of prostate cancer: a meta-analysis.},
  author={Yawei Xu and Lei Li and Wuping Yang and Kenan Zhang and Kaifang Ma and Haibiao Xie and Jingcheng Zhou and Lin Cai and Yan-qing Gong and Zheng Zhang and Kan Gong},
  journal={Prostate cancer and prostatic diseases},
  • Yawei Xu, Lei Li, K. Gong
  • Published 29 April 2021
  • Medicine
  • Prostate cancer and prostatic diseases
BACKGROUND The debate over the association between vasectomy and prostate cancer has been lasted about 40 years and there is no sign of stopping. In the present study, we aimed to evaluate whether vasectomy is associated with prostate cancer based on the most comprehensive and up-to-date evidence available. METHODS The PubMed, Cochrane Library, and EMBASE databases were systematically searched inception to March 14, 2021 without year or language restriction. Multivariable adjusted risk ratios… 


Vasectomy and prostate cancer risk: a meta-analysis of prospective studies.
Findings from this meta-analysis of prospective studies indicate that vasectomy may be positively associated with the risk of prostate cancer.
The Association Between Vasectomy and Prostate Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
No association between vasectomy and high-grade, advanced-stage, or fatal prostate cancer is found and this association is unlikely to be causal and should not preclude the use of vasectomy as a long-term contraceptive option.
Vasectomy and risk of prostate cancer: a systematic review and meta‐analysis of cohort studies
This meta‐analysis indicated that vasectomy may not contribute to the risk of prostate cancer, a conclusion that might have a far‐reaching significance for the public health, especially in countries with high prevalence rates of vasectomy.
Vasectomy and the risk of prostate cancer: a meta-analysis examining vasectomy status, age at vasectomy, and time since vasectomy
The results suggest that men with a prior vasectomy may be at an increased risk of prostate cancer, however, the increase may not be causal since potential bias cannot be discounted.
Vasectomy and prostate cancer: a case-control study in India.
The results of this hospital-based case-control study are consistent with the hypothesis of a positive association between vasectomy and prostate cancer, and detection bias was unlikely to account for this association.
Association of Vasectomy and Prostate Cancer Among Men in a Maryland Cohort
A positive association between vasectomy and prostate cancer, especially low-grade disease, is suggested, especially in men who were 40 years at the time of vasectomy.
Vasectomy and prostate cancer risk.
Data from a case-control study at Roswell Park Memorial Institute between 1982 and 1988 may suggest the importance of further epidemiologic and biologic research on vasectomy as a risk factor for prostate cancer.
Vasectomy and risk of prostate cancer: population based matched cohort study
The findings do not support an independent association between vasectomy and prostate cancer.