Association between serotonin 2A receptor genetic variations, stressful life events and suicide.

  title={Association between serotonin 2A receptor genetic variations, stressful life events and suicide.},
  author={Asghar Ghasemi and Morteza Seifi and Fatemeh Baybordi and Nasim Danaei and Bahram Samadi Rad},

Investigation of polymorphic variants of SLC6A4, TPH-1, and TPH-2 genes in cases of completed suicide

More molecular genetic research studies are needed to understand the pathophysiology of suicide and to reveal its relationship with gender.

Role Of Genotype In Maintaining Trlomere Length At Prolonged Psychological Stress

Examining telomere lengths, age and genetic polymorphism, demonstrated that the length of telomeres tended to decrease with age by carriers of genotypes A1A2 and A2A2, and to a much smaller extent than by carrier of A1 a1, which proved to be more resistant to long-term stress.

Early marriage, stressful life events and risk of suicide and suicide attempt: a case–control study in Iran

EM and SLEs were correlated with suicide risk, while no evidence found that EM increased the risk of SA, and no association was found between EM, various types of SLETs, and therisk of SA.

The Implication of 5-HT Receptor Family Members in Aggression, Depression and Suicide: Similarity and Difference

The review provides converging lines of evidence that depression-related 5-HT receptors include those receptors with pro-depressive properties as well as those providing an antidepressant effect (5-HT1A, 5- HT1B, 4-HT2C subtypes).

Evaluation of leptin levels in serum as a biomarker for suicide behavior: systematic review and meta-analysis

The current meta-analysis suggests that leptin levels might be associated with an increased risk of suicide behavior, however, more studies including larger sample sizes are needed to reach conclusive result.

Role of serotonin transporter and receptor gene variations in the acute effects of MDMA in healthy subjects.

Variations in genes that encode key targets in the 5-HT system did not significantly influence the effects of MDMA in healthy subjects and played a marginal role when MDMA is used recreationally or therapeutically.

Alternative splicing in serotonergic system: Implications in neuropsychiatric disorders

A better understanding of the basis of alternative isoforms of the serotonergic system is needed in order to fully understand their impact and be able to develop new effective pharmacological isoform-specific targets.

Magnitude and determinants of suicide among overweight reproductive-age women, Chacha and Debre Berhan Town, Ethiopia: community based cross-sectional study

Suicidal ideation was frequent in overweight reproductive-age women in Chacha and Debre Berhan towns, Ethiopia, and the odds of suicidal ideation have been higher among overweight women with stressful life events, depression, and younger age groups.

Computational Functional Genomics-Based AmpliSeq™ Panel for Next-Generation Sequencing of Key Genes of Pain

A cost-effective next generation sequencing-based pain-genotyping assay comprising the development of a customized AmpliSeq™ panel and bioinformatics approaches that condensate the genetic information of pain by identifying the most representative genes.



Association study of two polymorphisms of the serotonin‐2A receptor gene and suicide attempts

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    American journal of medical genetics. Part B, Neuropsychiatric genetics : the official publication of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics
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The C allele of the T102C polymorphism of the 5‐HT2A receptor gene may be associated with biological susceptibility for suicidal behavior or psychiatric conditions and no association was found between the C1354T polymorphism and suicide attempts.

Association study of seven polymorphisms in four serotonin receptor genes on suicide victims

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None of the tested genetic variants of serotonin receptors appears to be associated with suicidal behavior in the Slovenian population which has a relatively high suicide rate.

Association between the A-1438G polymorphism of the serotonin 2A receptor gene and nonimpulsive suicide attempts

The findings suggest that the -1438A allele may predispose for nonimpulsive suicidal behavior, which is similar to that found in impulsive suicide attempts.

Possible Association between Serotonin Transporter Gene Polymorphism and Suicide Behavior in Major Depressive Disorder

The results show the possibility that 10 allele of 5-HTTVNTR is related to suicidal behavior in the suicidal subjects with MDD and suggest that 12 allele of 4-HTTLPR might be related to more lethality in the suicide subjects withMDD.

Lack of association between three serotonin genes and suicidal behavior in Chinese psychiatric patients

Association of Serotonin 5-HT2A Receptor Binding and the T102C Polymorphism in Depressed and Healthy Caucasian Subjects

The TT genotype appears associated with higher platelet 5-HT2A Bmax in the healthy population, but this genotypic effect appears absent in mood disorders and unrelated to psychopathology.

Influence of Life Stress on Depression: Moderation by a Polymorphism in the 5-HTT Gene

Evidence of a gene-by-environment interaction is provided, in which an individual's response to environmental insults is moderated by his or her genetic makeup.