Association between oral health status and central obesity among Brazilian independent-living elderly.

  title={Association between oral health status and central obesity among Brazilian independent-living elderly.},
  author={Carla Thais Rosada Peruchi and Regina C{\'e}lia Poli-Frederico and Alexandrina Aparecida Maciel Cardelli and Marina de Lourdes Calvo Fracasso and Carina Gisele Costa Bispo and Rejane Dias Neves-Souza and Jefferson Rosa Cardoso and Sandra Mara Maciel},
  journal={Brazilian oral research},
  volume={30 1},
The aim of this study was to investigate the association between oral health status and central obesity (CO) in Brazilian independent-living elderly. A cross-sectional study was carried out in a sample of 489 elderly, who were participants of the Study on Aging and Longevity, in Londrina, state of Parana. The number of natural teeth and use of prostheses were evaluated according to the World Health Organization criteria. The presence of CO was assessed using measures of waist circumference (WC… CONTINUE READING


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