Association between latex sensitization and repeated latex exposure in children.

  title={Association between latex sensitization and repeated latex exposure in children.},
  author={F Porri and M J Pradal and Catherine Lemiere and J. Birnbaum and Jean Louis Mege and Andr{\'e} Lanteaume and Denis Charpin and Daniel Vervloet and Jean Camboulives},
  volume={86 3},
BACKGROUND Children with spina bifida are at greater risk for latex and ethylene oxide sensitization. The authors' aim in this study was to evaluate the role of previous surgical procedures in the development of sensitization to latex and ethylene oxide. METHODS The authors investigated 80 children 1-16 yr old, separated into 3 groups. Two groups had a history of 3 or more general anesthetics: 29 children had spina bifida (spina bifida group) and 31 had undergone multiple surgeries for… CONTINUE READING


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