Association between 5-hydroxytryptamine release and insulin secretion.

  title={Association between 5-hydroxytryptamine release and insulin secretion.},
  author={Erik Gylfe},
  journal={The Journal of endocrinology},
  volume={78 2},
  • Erik Gylfe
  • Published 1978 in The Journal of endocrinology
The efflux of radioactivity after loading with trace amounts of tritiated 5-hydroxytryptamine ([3H]5-HT) or 5-hydroxytryptophan ([3H]5-HTP) was studied in perifused beta-cell-rich pancreatic islets from ob/ob mice. Analysis of the effluent revealed that more than 90% of the radioactivity was released as [3H]5-HT after loading with [3H]5-HTP. Increasing the concentration of glucose in the perifusion medium from 3 to 20 mmol/l enhanced the efflux when islets from fed mice were used and this… CONTINUE READING
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