Association Study of Serine Racemase Gene with Methamphetamine Psychosis

  title={Association Study of Serine Racemase Gene with Methamphetamine Psychosis},
  author={Eriko Yokobayashi and Hiroshi Ujike and Tatsuya Kotaka and Yuko Okahisa and Manbu Takaki and Makoto Kodama and Toshiya Inada and Naohisa Uchimura and Mitsuhiko Yamada and Nakao Iwata and Masaomi Iyo and Ichiro Sora and Norio Ozaki and Satoshi Kuroda},
  booktitle={Current neuropharmacology},
Experimental studies have demonstrated that not only dopaminergic signaling but also glutamatergic/NMDA receptor signaling play indispensable roles in the development of methamphetamine psychosis. Our recent genetic studies provided evidence that genetic variants of glutamate-related genes such as DTNBP1, GLYT1, and G72, which are involved in glutamate release and regulation of co-agonists for NMDA receptors, conferred susceptibility to methamphetamine psychosis. Serine racemase converts l… CONTINUE READING


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