Association Between Battledore Placenta and Perinatal Complications


Background: To ascertain the possible association between battledore placenta and perinatal complications, and to identify the various clinical presentations of battledore placenta. Methods: In this descriptive study all the patients who delivered battledore placenta were enrolled. Standardized evaluations were performed at delivery and retrospective analysis of perinatal complications and clinical presentations was done Results: Out of 7180 abdominal and vaginal deliveries, in one year, 60 were of battledore placenta. Complications associated with battledore placenta were fetal distress,intrauterine growth restriction,preterm labour and cord prolapse. Conclusion: Battledore placenta was found as a possible cause of many perinatal and intrapartum complications. Maternal morbidity was increased and fetal complications were common in patients having Battledore placenta.

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