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  title={Associate Editors},
  author={Joseph E. Levangie and Miles K. Davis and Barry R. Armandi and Pamela Hopkins and Daniel James Rowley and Gerry W. Scheffelmaier},
  journal={Indoor and Built Environment},
  pages={1 - 1}
This paper offers a brief historical survey of drinking cultures in Africa, from the nineteenth century to the present. It questions the notion of a pre-colonial past of harmonious ‘integrated’ drinking, and suggests that while there has been substantial change in drinking cultures there are also substantial continuities, notably in ideas of temperance. Striking features of change have been the introduction of large-scale commercial production – which has brought increasingly globalized… 



Potent Brews: A Social History of Alcohol in East Africa, 1850-1999

This is the first general history of alcohol and drinking in East Africa. It contributes to an emerging field of African social history in distinctive and innovative ways. Willis's central theme is

New generation drinking: The uncertain boundaries of criminal enterprise in modern Kenya

During the 1990s, a new kind of alcoholic beverage began to appear in Kenyan bars. The 'new generation' drinks, as they came to be known, disturbed an established boundary between the formal and

Alcohol and Ethnography: A Case of Problem Deflation? [and Comments and Reply]

The modern ethnographic literature on alcohol tends to underestimate problems due to drinking. This "problem deflation" probably reflects a concurrence of various assumptions, methods, and

A review of policy-relevant strategies and interventions to address the burden of alcohol on individuals and society in South Africa.

A mix of alcohol intervention strategies is proposed that is likely to have the greatest efficacy for South Africa and a few comments are provided regarding issues of implementation.

The measurement of drinking patterns and alcohol problems in Nigeria.

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    Journal of substance abuse
  • 2000

The Economic Tragedy of the Xxth Century: Growth in Africa

The dismal growth performance of Africa is the worst economic tragedy of the XXth century. We document the evolution of per capita GDP for the continent as a whole and for subset of countries south

Volkskapitalisme: Class, Capital and Ideology in the Development of Afrikaner Nationalism 1934-1948

The 1982 split in the Ruling Nationalist Party in South Africa focused attention on the relationship between Afrikaner nationalism and capitalism. Volkskapitalisme (the nationalist term for Afrikaner

Regulatory reform in Britain

Regulatory reform in Britain John Kay and John Vickers Major sectors of the British economy are currently undergoing far-reaching regulatory reform. Deregulation (removal of barriers to

Adolescent Drinking and Alcohol Policy

Policy approaches to prevention have considerable promise for addressing underage drinking and its associated problems, but it is clear that no policy can be effective unless it is accompanied by enforcement and by awareness on the part of the intended targets of both the policy and the enforcement efforts.

Development and Social Change: A Global Perspective

About the Author Foreword Preface to the Fourth Edition A Timeline of Developmentalism and Globalism Acknowledgments Abbreviations Chapter 1: Development and Globalization: Framing Issues What Is the