Assimilation and segregation of imperial subjects: “educating” the colonised during the 1910–1945 Japanese colonial rule of Korea

  title={Assimilation and segregation of imperial subjects: “educating” the colonised during the 1910–1945 Japanese colonial rule of Korea},
  author={Soon-Yong Pak and Keumjoong Hwang},
  journal={Paedagogica Historica},
  pages={377 - 397}
This study looks at how education policies in colonial Korea changed over time in order to accommodate the needs of the colonial authorities during the period of Japanese colonial rule in Korea (1910–1945). The colonial experience can be divided into four different periods according to the four Educational Ordinances issued in 1911, 1922, 1938, and 1943 by the colonial government with each period corresponding to a historic event or context. The constitutive relevance of colonial discourse for… 
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