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Assimilation Theory

  title={Assimilation Theory},
  • Published 2018
  • Psychology
Assimilation theory (sometimes referred to as subsumption theory or theory of advance organizers) is one of the cognitivist learning theories developed by an American educational psychologist David Ausubel during the 1960s. Ausubel was a cognitivist inspired by works of Jean Piaget (see: Stage Theory of Cognitive Development) and considered at the time still influential neo-behaviorist theories inadequate. Ausubel is concerned with developing a theory of meaningful verbal reception learning and… 
The Immigrant Paradox in the Problem Behaviors of Youth in the United States: A Meta-analysis.
The findings provide a first-step toward reconciling mixed support for the immigrant paradox by identifying for whom and under what conditions the immigrant experience serves as a risk or protective factor for youth.
A Case Study of the Progressive Era Librarian Edith Guerrier: The Public Library, Social Reform, ‘New Women’, and Urban Immigrant Girls
This paper investigates the intertwined evolution of librarianship and social welfare work during the Progressive Era (1900–1920) via a case study of the librarian Edith Guerrier (1870–1958). From
Dealing with gender-related challenges: A perspective of Zimbabwean women in the practice of law
Abstract Women in legal practice in Zimbabwe are subjected to cultural and structural restrictions in the cause of their work. In this context, the paper argues that women are not passive recipients
Different than the Sum of Its Parts: Examining the Unique Impacts of Immigrant Groups on Neighborhood Crime Rates
ObjectivesExamining the immigration-crime nexus across neighborhoods in the Southern California metropolitan region, this study builds on existing literature by unpacking immigration and accounting


Twenty years of research on advance organizers: Assimilation theory is still the best predictor of results
Forty-four published research studies involving advance organizers were reviewed and four specific predictions of assimilation theory were evaluated: that advance organizers should have a stronger effect for poorly organized text than for well organized text, thatvance organizers should has a stronger positive effect for learners lacking prerequisite knowledge, and that advance organizer should have an especially strong effect on measures of transfer rather than retention.
Schemata, Cognitive Structure, and Advance Organizers: A Reply to Anderson, Spiro, and Anderson
Anderson, Spiro, and Anderson assert that my assimilation theory of meaningful learning and retention (and, more especially, the nature and functions of anchoring or subsuming ideas in cognitive
The cognitive revolution in educational psychology
The Cognitive Revolution's Impact of Educational Science, James M. Royer. May You Teach in Interesting Timesl, Donald J. Cunningham. Social Perspectives on the Cognitive Revolution and Education:
Ausubel's Learning Theory: An Approach to Teaching Higher Order Thinking Skills
Introduction The language of education is rife with talk about teaching higher order thinking skills. What exactly are these skills? And how can they best be taught? These are important and difficult
An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Using an Advance Organizer to Introduce Video in the Foreign Language Classroom
put. Certain theorists advocate that, for foreign language learners and children acquiring their first language, input should be interesting, not grammatically sequenced, somewhat beyond the
In Defense of Advance Organizers: A Reply to the Critics*
The most pervasively voiced criticism of advance organizers is that their definition and construction are vague and, therefore, that different researchers have varying concepts of what an organizer
Using Advance Organizers to Enhance Students' Motivation in Learning Biology.
This study investigated the effect of using advance organizers on students’ motivation to learn biology. The research design used was quasi-experimental design where the nonrandomised Solomon Four
The results showed that the animation group outperformed the static visual group in one of the four tests, and that animation embedded with a question advance organizer had a marginal effect among the four treatments in facilitating the acquisition of L2 reading comprehension both for the immediate and the delayed posttests.
Models of Teaching
Dedication Preface Foreword PART I: FRAME OF REFERENCE We begin with the idea of giving students the tools that increase their capacity for learning. The primary role of education is to increase