Assignment ofKluyveromyces cellobiovorus nomen nudum toCandida intermedia (Ciferri & Ashford) Langeron et Guerra

  title={Assignment ofKluyveromyces cellobiovorus nomen nudum toCandida intermedia (Ciferri & Ashford) Langeron et Guerra},
  author={Alessandro Martini and Ann Vaughan Martini},
  journal={Antonie van Leeuwenhoek},
A yeast culture isolated in Japan from soil and invalidly described asKluyveromyces cellobiovorus nom. nud. DBVPG 6286 (CBS 7153) was compared for its physiological and morphological properties and by nDNA-nDNA reassociation experiments with the type strains of several species of the genusKluyveromyces as well as of variousCandida species exhibiting similar phenotypic profiles. DBVPG 6286 was found to be conspecific with the type strain ofCandida intermedia (Ciferri & Ashford) Langeron et… CONTINUE READING

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