Assignment of common allele loss in osteosarcoma to the subregion 17p13.


Human osteosarcomas frequently show loss of alleles on chromosome 17 as well as those on chromosome 13 that harbors the retinoblastoma gene, indicating concerted operation of another tumor-suppressing gene on chromosome 17. To assign the affected gene to a defined region of chromosome 17, we performed mitotic recombination/deletion mapping by the use of 10 polymorphic loci on chromosome 17. Of 37 tumors studied, 28 (75.7%) showed loss of heterozygosity on chromosome 17. The affected regions varied among tumors, ranging in extent from a whole chromosome to a distal segment of the short arm. However, allele loss in one region, notably in 17p13 between D17S1 and D17S30, was common to all 28 tumors, suggesting the presence of a tumor-suppressing gene in this defined region.

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