Assignment of an anonymous DNA sequence IB/D22 (DXS371) to XP11.1-11.4.


In densely mapped and characterized chromosomes such as the X chromosome there are still regions which have a paucity of markers. One of these areas lies in the Xp11 region. Using human-rodent somatic cell hybrids we have assigned a newly isolated clone IB/D22 to the Xp11.1-p11.4 region. 


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@article{Spurr1989AssignmentOA, title={Assignment of an anonymous DNA sequence IB/D22 (DXS371) to XP11.1-11.4.}, author={N. K. Spurr and Claire Mitchell and A. C. Gough and Liselotte Rooke and Joanna Cowell}, journal={Disease markers}, year={1989}, volume={7 4}, pages={247-51} }