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Asset tracking and management system for library using active radio frequency identification (RFID)

  title={Asset tracking and management system for library using active radio frequency identification (RFID)},
  author={R. Muthuselvi},
  journal={Biomedical Research-tokyo},
  • R. Muthuselvi
  • Published 2016
  • Computer Science
  • Biomedical Research-tokyo
In Today's world RFID (radio frequency identification) technology is one of the most popular technologies for tracking and tracing, whereby a person or an object is identified using Radio Frequency (RF) transmission using a special kind of a sensor network. Recently, radio frequency identifications (RFIDs) are used to identify the assets which are permanent objects used internally in business. Computers, tools, library books, equipment are some examples of the assets. In the proposed work… Expand
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