Assessment of weak-coupling approximations on a driven two-level system under dissipation

  title={Assessment of weak-coupling approximations on a driven two-level system under dissipation},
  author={W S Teixeira and Fernando L. Semi{\~a}o and Jani Tuorila and Mikko M{\"o}tt{\"o}nen},
  journal={New Journal of Physics},
The standard weak-coupling approximations associated to open quantum systems have been extensively used in the description of a two-level quantum system, qubit, subjected to relatively weak dissipation compared with the qubit frequency. However, recent progress in the experimental implementations of controlled quantum systems with increased levels of on-demand engineered dissipation has motivated precision studies in parameter regimes that question the validity of the approximations, especially… 


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1. Introduction 2. Quantum Dynamics in Hilbert Space 3. The Density Operator and Quantum Dynamics in Liouville Space 4. Quantum Electrodynamics, Optical Polarization, and Nonlinear Spectroscopy 5.
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