Assessment of tumor cell proliferation using [18F]fluorodeoxyadenosine and[18F]fluoroethyluracil.

  title={Assessment of tumor cell proliferation using [18F]fluorodeoxyadenosine and[18F]fluoroethyluracil.},
  author={Chang Gi Kim and David J. Yang and Edmund E. Kim and Abdallah Cherif and Lige Kuang and Chunlei Li and Wayne Tansey and Chia Wen Liu and Shengwen Li and Sidney Wallace and Donald A. Podoloff},
  journal={Journal of pharmaceutical sciences},
  volume={85 3},
This study was to develop radiofluorinated ethyluracil (FEU) and deoxyadenosine analogues (FAD) for noninvasive assessment of tumor proliferative potential by positron emission tomography (PET). 5-(2-Fluoroethyl)uracil ([18F]FEU) was prepared by treating 2,4-dimethoxy-5-(2-hydroxyethyl)pyrimidine with K18F, followed by hydrolysis with HBr. Fluorodeoxyadenosine ([18F]FAD) was prepared by treating a triacetylated analogue of adenosine with K18F. In vitro cell proliferation assay of [18F]-FEU was… CONTINUE READING
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