Assessment of tissue viability using near-infrared spectroscopy.

  title={Assessment of tissue viability using near-infrared spectroscopy.},
  author={Miroslaw F. Stranc and Michael G. Sowa and B M Abdulrauf and Henry H. Mantsch},
  journal={British journal of plastic surgery},
  volume={51 3},
Prolonged and severe tissue hypoxia results in tissue necrosis in pedicled flaps. We demonstrate the potential of near-infrared spectroscopy for monitoring of skin flaps. This approach clearly identifies tissue regions with low oxygen supply, and also the severity of this challenge, in a rapid and non-invasive manner with a high degree of reproducibility. Tissue haemoglobin oxygen saturation and water content of pre-selected dorsal sites were monitored for 72 h prior to, and 72 h following… CONTINUE READING