Assessment of the acute acrylonitrile-induced neurotoxicity in rats.

  title={Assessment of the acute acrylonitrile-induced neurotoxicity in rats.},
  author={Burhan I. Ghanayem and Mazhar Farooqui and O Elshabrawy and M. Moiz Mumtaz and A. EL-Morsy Ahmed},
  journal={Neurotoxicology and teratology},
  volume={13 5},
Acrylonitrile (VCN) is an aliphatic nitrile which is used extensively in manufacturing of synthetic fibers, plastics, and rubber. Although the neurotoxicity of VCN is recognized, no thorough characterization of this effect has been reported. Current studies were designed to quantitatively characterize the acute phase of VCN-induced cholinomimetic neurotoxicity, and to determine the effects of dose, route of administration, and atropine on such toxicity. Administration of a single gavage or… CONTINUE READING