Assessment of somatic complaints in environmental health.

  title={Assessment of somatic complaints in environmental health.},
  author={Caroline Eva Wella Herr and Anja zur Nieden and Ines Kopka and Tobias Rethage and Uwe Gieler and Thomas Friedrich Eikmann and Nikolaos I. Stilianakis},
  journal={International journal of hygiene and environmental health},
  volume={212 1},
In patients attributing their health complaints to environmental factors (EnvPat) evidence based medical diagnostics usually do not confirm environmental and somatic causes of symptoms. Many symptoms remain unexplained. Aim of the study was the systematic assessment of medically unexplained physical symptoms (MUPS) in EnvPat and comparison to symptom rates reported by subjects of an environmental study exposed to environmental odors (EnvExp). This specific exposure was chosen, as odors are… CONTINUE READING

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