Assessment of solidly mounted resonators with wide-band asymmetric acoustic reflectors

  title={Assessment of solidly mounted resonators with wide-band asymmetric acoustic reflectors},
  author={Jimena Olivares and E. Wegmann and Marta Clement and Jos{\'e} E. Capilla and Enrique Iborra and J L Sangrador},
  journal={2010 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium},
We investigate the influence of the structure of acoustic reflectors on the quality factors of solidly mounted bulk acoustic wave resonators made of aluminum nitride. We compare the quality factors of resonators built on conventional λ/4 Bragg reflectors with those of resonators fabricated on asymmetric acoustic reflectors composed of layers of thicknesses different from λ/4. The two kinds of reflectors are made of porous silicon dioxide and iridium as low and high acoustic impedance materials… CONTINUE READING


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