Assessment of retinal degeneration in outbred albino mice.


Evaluation of a pharmaceutical's safety includes assessment of the potential for ophthalmologic toxicity. These nonclinical studies commonly use various outbred stocks of mice. Pretest indirect ophthalmoscopic examinations in the commonly used outbred stock Hsd:ICR(CD-1) indicated that retinal degeneration was a problem in this particular outbred stock of… (More)


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@article{Serfilippi2004AssessmentOR, title={Assessment of retinal degeneration in outbred albino mice.}, author={Laurie M Serfilippi and Danielle R Stackhouse Pallman and Margarita M Gruebbel and Thomas J Kern and Charles B. Spainhour}, journal={Comparative medicine}, year={2004}, volume={54 1}, pages={69-76} }