Assessment of response to therapy in advanced breast cancer (an amendment)

  title={Assessment of response to therapy in advanced breast cancer (an amendment)},
  author={John Hayward and Paul P. Carbone and Robert D. Rubens and J. C. Heuson and S. Kumaoka and Albert Segaloff},
  journal={British Journal of Cancer},
  pages={201 - 201}
SiR.-In 1977, a project of the programme on clinical oncology of the UICC published a system of guidelines recommended for use in clinical trials designed to assess the objective response of locally advanced or metastatic mammary cancer to treatment (Hayward et al., 1977). Since then it has become apparent that the rules for defining duration of remission are not entirely clear. In particular, patients achieving a complete objective regression may have, additionally, a period when only in… CONTINUE READING