Assessment of position of foramen mandibulae in recent adult population.

  title={Assessment of position of foramen mandibulae in recent adult population.},
  author={Vjekoslav Jerolimov and Pavel Kobler and Jadranka Keros and Tonci Stanici{\'c} and Ivana Bagi{\'c}},
  journal={Collegium antropologicum},
  volume={22 1},
Accurate knowledge about the morphology and topography of foramen mandibulae is of great practical importance in anaesthesia of inferior alveolar nerve. A certain number of skeletotopical relations may be used as valuable orientation points. Because of the controversies about these marking points it has been decided to perform measurements on a large sample of macerated mandibulae that are significant to location and shape of foramen mandibulae (FM) and lingula in relation to the surrounding… CONTINUE READING