Assessment of older people: self-maintaining and instrumental activities of daily living.

  title={Assessment of older people: self-maintaining and instrumental activities of daily living.},
  author={M. Powell Lawton and E M A Brody},
  journal={The Gerontologist},
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THE use of formal devices for assessing function is becoming standard in agencies serving the elderly. In the Gerontological Society's recent contract study on functional assessment (Howell, 1968), a large assortment of rating scales, checklists, and other techniques in use in applied settings was easily assembled. The present state of the trade seems to be one in which each investigator or practitioner feels an inner compusion to make his own scale and to cry that other existent scales cannot… 

The Reliability and Validity of Self-Report Activities of Daily Living Scales

The study provided support for the use of this measurement tool for assessing the independent living status of elderly hospitalized patients and provided the therapist with a measure that has had some validation and has the potential for clinical use in describing patients' ability and identifying areas requiring treatment intervention.

Patterns of instrumental activities of daily living between community-dwelling older adults

This study was able to identify the heterogeneity present between the elderly people in the different factors that compose the IADLs through a performance-based assessment.

Adaptation of the Lawton Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale to Turkish: Validity and Reliability Study

The Turkish version of the Lawton IADL scale has excellent reliability and validity and is confirmed to be valid and reliable in older adults.

A Comparison of Self-Report versus Observation of Performance Using the Assessment of Living Skills and Resources (ALSAR) with an Older Population

The ALSAR 3-point scale was shown to be sufficiently sensitive to detect IADL function when used with performance observation; however, further research is required to ascertain sensitivity when it is used as a self-report tool.

Validation of the Spanish version of the Lawton IADL Scale for its application in elderly people

The results confirm that the Spanish version of the Lawton IADL Scale has excellent reliability and validity and a moderate to large sensitivity to change.

An examination of instrumental activities of daily living assessment in older adults and mild cognitive impairment

  • D. A. Gold
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Journal of clinical and experimental neuropsychology
  • 2012
The cognitive processes that underlie I ADL performance are examined and it is concluded that the accurate and reliable execution of IADL likely draws upon the integrity of a wide range of cognitive processes.

Design and Validation of the VIDA Questionnaire, for Assessing InstrumentalActivities of Daily Living In Elderly People

The objective of this paper is to provide an overview of the development of a questionnaire for assessing IADL in elderly people in primary care settings and in the community, and its current level of validation.

The revised direct assessment of functional status for independent older adults.

The original version of the Direct Assessment of Functional Status (DAFS), a measure of instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), was found to have a ceiling effect in older adults living independently in the community, and the DAFS-Extended (Direct Assessment of functional Status-Revised [DAFS-R]) was designed to be more challenging for elders living independently.

Determinants of Quality of Life and the Need for Support for the Elderly with Good Physical and Mental Functioning

Quality of life as well as level of independence, risk of falls, and need for 24-hour care were significantly affected by the following factors: urinary incontinence, difficulties in mobility outside the home, despondency, and forgetfulness.

Self-perceived functional ability and performance-based testing of physical function in older women with or without long-term back pain – results of the H70 study

The discrepancy between self-perceived functional ability (ADL/IADL) and performance-based testing of functioning based on clinical tests calls for further investigation to incentivize person-centered care in older women with long-term back pain in municipal or emergency health-care settings.



The relationship of mental and physical status in institutionalized aged persons.

It was found that persons tended to have disabilities consistent with the type of services to be expected in the institution, and patients in state hospitals had the largest number with poor mental functional status, while there was predominance of persons with poor physical functional status found in the nursing homes.

Lives in Distress

The authors conclude that the " achillogram " is reliable as radioiodine uptake and better than the B.M.R. and the serum cholesterol and also reliable in a given patient when the results of treatment are being followed over a period.

On Festinger's evaluation of scale analysis.

A normative social adjustment scale.

Assessing the function of the aging adult.

Classification in homes for the aged

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Assessing the competence of elderly, people

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Problems in the functional assessment of older people

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Proposal for the establishment of a geriatric day care center for mentally impaired and mentally retarded

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