Assessment of lung-cancer mortality reduction from CT Screening.


BACKGROUND CT screening has been shown to increase lung cancer curability and we now assess the corresponding reduction in lung cancer mortality. METHODS Lung-cancer mortality in a cohort of 7995 smokers who underwent CT screening for lung cancer in New York State (NYS) was compared with two unscreened cohorts (CPS-II and CARET). The standardized… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.lungcan.2010.10.025


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@article{Henschke2011AssessmentOL, title={Assessment of lung-cancer mortality reduction from CT Screening.}, author={Claudia I. Henschke and Paolo Boffetta and Olga Y. Gorlova and Rowena Yip and John O Delancey and Millennia Foy}, journal={Lung cancer}, year={2011}, volume={71 3}, pages={328-32} }