Assessment of low level whole-body soman vapor exposure in rats.

  title={Assessment of low level whole-body soman vapor exposure in rats.},
  author={Raymond F. Genovese and Bernard J. Benton and Christina C Johnson and E. Michael Jakubowski},
  journal={Neurotoxicology and teratology},
  volume={31 2},
We evaluated biochemical and behavioral effects of single, low-level exposures to the chemical warfare nerve agent soman (GD). Male Sprague-Dawley rats were trained on a variable-interval, 56-sec schedule of food reinforcement (VI56). The schedule specifies that a single lever press, following an average interval of 56 s, produces food reinforcement (i.e., a single food pellet). After training, rats received a single 60 min exposure to soman vapor at concentrations of 1.0-7.0 mg/m(3), or air… CONTINUE READING