Assessment of deep learning based blood pressure prediction from PPG and rPPG signals

  title={Assessment of deep learning based blood pressure prediction from PPG and rPPG signals},
  author={Fabian Schrumpf and Patrick Frenzel and Christoph Aust and Georg Osterhoff and Mirco Fuchs},
  journal={2021 IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW)},
  • Fabian Schrumpf, P. Frenzel, +2 authors M. Fuchs
  • Published 2021
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • 2021 IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW)
Exploiting photoplethysmography signals (PPG) for non-invasive blood pressure (BP) measurement is interesting for various reasons. First, PPG can easily be measured using fingerclip sensors. Second, camera-based approaches allow to derive remote PPG (rPPG) signals similar to PPG and therefore provide the opportunity for non-invasive measurements of BP. Various methods relying on machine learning techniques have recently been published. Performances are often reported as the mean average error… Expand

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