Assessment of decalcifying protocols for detection of specific RNA by non-radioactive in situ hybridization in calcified tissues

  title={Assessment of decalcifying protocols for detection of specific RNA by non-radioactive in situ hybridization in calcified tissues},
  author={Yasuaki Shibata and Shigeo Fujita and Hisashi Takahashi and Akira Yamaguchi and Takehiko Koji},
  journal={Histochemistry and Cell Biology},
For the best performance of in situ analysis of specific RNA expression in calcified tissues, it is necessary to choose an appropriate protocol to decalcify the tissues. We evaluated the usefulness of various acid-based decalcifying reagents with reference to 28 S rRNA staining by in situ hybridization using a thymine-thymine dimerized oligonucleotide probe. The reagents evaluated were 10% nitric acid, 10% HCl, 5% formic acid, 5% trichloroacetic acid, Morse’s solution, Plank-Rychlo’s solution… CONTINUE READING


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