Assessment of cannabinoid induced gene changes: tolerance and neuroprotection.

  title={Assessment of cannabinoid induced gene changes: tolerance and neuroprotection.},
  author={Elena V Grigorenko and Joseph Kittler and Chris Clayton and D. Michael A. Wallace and ShouYuan Zhuang and Daniel Bridges and Sarah Bundey and Andrew Boon and Clair Pagget and Seiji Hayashizaki and Gavin Lowe and Robert Hampson and Sam A. Deadwyler},
  journal={Chemistry and physics of lipids},
  volume={121 1-2},
The analysis of gene changes associated with exposure to cannabinoids is critical due to the multiple possible signaling pathways potentially affected by cannabinoid receptor activation. A comparison of altered gene profiles under two different conditions, one in vivo (chronic exposure to delta-9-THC) and the other in vitro (neuroprotection mediated by WIN55212-2), was made to determine whether it was possible to identify common genes that were affected. Up and down-regulated sets of genes are… CONTINUE READING
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