Assessment of bone ingrowth into porous biomaterials using MICRO-CT.

  title={Assessment of bone ingrowth into porous biomaterials using MICRO-CT.},
  author={Anthony C Jones and Christoph H. Arns and Adrian P. Sheppard and Dietmar Werner Hutmacher and Bruce K Milthorpe and Mark A. Knackstedt},
  volume={28 15},
The three-dimensional (3D) structure and architecture of biomaterial scaffolds play a critical role in bone formation as they affect the functionality of the tissue-engineered constructs. Assessment techniques for scaffold design and their efficacy in bone ingrowth studies require an ability to accurately quantify the 3D structure of the scaffold and an ability to visualize the bone regenerative processes within the scaffold structure. In this paper, a 3D micro-CT imaging and analysis study of… CONTINUE READING