Assessment of a potential dopaminergic prodrug moiety in several ring systems.

  title={Assessment of a potential dopaminergic prodrug moiety in several ring systems.},
  author={Joseph Gerard Cannon and David C. Furlano and Russell G. Dushin and Y A Chang and Samuel R. Baird and L N Soliman and Jan R. Flynn and John Paul Long and Raj Bhatnagar},
  journal={Journal of medicinal chemistry},
  volume={29 10},
The ortho hydroxy/methyl, hydroxy/hydroxymethyl, hydroxy/formyl, and hydroxy/carboxy substitution patterns, some of which confer dopaminergic agonist effects upon 2-aminotetralin ring systems, have been incorporated into beta-phenethylamine, 2-aminoindan, and trans-octahydrobenzo[f]quinoline rings. Certain of the 2-aminoindan derivatives displayed pharmacologic properties consistent with their being dopaminergic agonists. The beta-phenethylamine derivative did not show any significant dopamine… 
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