Assessment of Valproic Acid Serum–Cerebrospinal Fluid Transport by Microdialysis

  title={Assessment of Valproic Acid Serum–Cerebrospinal Fluid Transport by Microdialysis},
  author={Pamela L. Golden and Kenneth R. Brouwer and Gary M. Pollack},
  journal={Pharmaceutical Research},
The systemic disposition and serum–cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) translocation of valproic acid (VPA) were examined in rats after administration of VPA as a bolus, as a continuous infusion, or with probenecid. VPA in CSF was monitored continuously by in vivo microdialysis. Both prolonged VPA infusion and probenecid pre-treatment increased the K m for saturable VPA elimination and decreased intrinsic hepatic clearance, perhaps due to competition of probenecid or accumulated VPA metabolites for… CONTINUE READING

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