Assessment of Trauma in Adults

  title={Assessment of Trauma in Adults},
  author={Karen E. Krinsley and Frank W. Weathers},
In the last 15 years, clinical investigators have developed numerous reliable and valid measures of PTSD symptoms. Much less attention has been paid to developing psychometrically sound meth­ ods of assessing traumatic life events, which consti­ tute the stressor criterion (Criterion A) for a diagno­ sis of PTSD. This may be due in part to an assump­ tion that extreme stressors such as combat, rape, and disasters are of such overwhelming magnitude and unequivocally universal in impact that the… 

Assessing Traumatic Event Exposure: General Issues and Preliminary Findings for the Stressful Life Events Screening Questionnaire

The psychometric properties of the Stressful Life Events Screening Questionnaire (SLESQ), a recently developed trauma history screening measure, are reviewed and some of the challenges of assessing traumatic event exposure are addressed.

Development and validation of a new instrument to assess lifetime trauma and victimization history.

A new easy-to-administer and understand, interview-based instrument that systematically and comprehensively assesses a person's Lifetime Trauma and Victimization History (LTVH), which demonstrates good predictive, criterion-related, and convergent validity and a high level of agreement between earlier and current reports of certain types of traumas.

PTSD criterion A1 events: a literature-based categorization.

The authors report the type and frequency of traumatic events found in the mainstream PTSD literature using a bibliometric approach, and propose a categorization based on the terms used for their description.

The Legacy of Combat Trauma Clinical Implications of lntergenerational Transmission

s International, 42, 4947-B. Danieli, Y. (1984). Psychotherapists'participation in the conspiracy of silence about the Holocaust. Psychoanalytic Psychology, I (I), 23-42. Danieli, Y. ( 1985). The


Multiple studies now exist which examine the efficacy of the Department of Veteran Affairs inpatient treatment programs for combat veterans with chronic Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Overall,



Development of a Wartime Stressor Scale for women

Prior research has demonstrated the importance of stressor measurement as a component of evaluating posttraumatic stress disorder. Much of the work conducted in this area has focused on male combat

Methodological Issues in the Assessment of Traumatic Events1

Three sets of challenges in assessing traumatic events are discussed: Understanding the sequelae of such events and their implications for the timing of longitudinal data collection; obtaining

Healing the incest wound : adult survivors in therapy

Occasionally a book for psychotherapists instantly becomes a classic. Not only do clinicians recognize the excellence and importance of the book, but their clients respond enthusiastically to the

The Secret Trauma: Incest In The Lives Of Girls And Women

This landmark book, based on a scientifically sound, large-scale study, presents convincing evidence that both the incidence and the consequences of incest have been grossly underestimated.. The

Validities of five combat scales.

The validities of 5 combat scales in a sample of 63 Vietnam veteran patients and normals were compared in order to facilitate research on the effect of battle. The criteria were military record

The Wyatt Sex History Questionnaire

The complexities of developing appropriate formats for obtaining sexual histories that include women's consensual and coercive sexual experiences are discussed in this paper. The Wyatt Sex History

Child Abuse Trauma: Theory and Treatment of the Lasting Effects

Foreword - Lucy Berliner Preface - David Finkelhor Introduction PART ONE: INCIDENCE OF CHILD ABUSE Type and Forms of Child Maltreatment PART TWO: THE LONG-TERM IMPACTS OF CHILD ABUSE: INTEGRATION OF

The relation between change in reports of traumatic events and symptoms of psychiatric distress.

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    General hospital psychiatry
  • 1994

Comments on the Lack of Integration Between the

  • Holocaust Survivor Studies in the Context of PTSD