Assessment of Temperature , Trace Species , and Ozone in Chemistry-climate Model Simulations of the Recent Past

  title={Assessment of Temperature , Trace Species , and Ozone in Chemistry-climate Model Simulations of the Recent Past},
  author={veronika. eyring and Neal Butchart and Darryn W. Waugh and Hiderahu Akiyoshi and Jonathan Austin and Slimane Bekki and Gregory Elton. Bodeker and Byron A. Boville and Ch. Br{\"u}hl and Martyn P. Chipperfield and Eugene C. Cordero and Martin Dameris and M Deushi and Vitali E. Fioletov and Stacey M. Hollandsworth Frith and Rolando R. Garcia and Andrew Gettelman and Marco Giorgetta and Volker Grewe and Laureline Jourdain and Douglas E. Kinnison and Emanuele Mancini and E Manzini and Morgane Marchand and Daniel R. Marsh and Tatsuya Nagashima and Paul R. Newman and J Eric Nielsen and Steven Pawson and Giovanni Pitari and David Alexander Plummer and Evgeny Rozanov and M. Schraner and Theodore G. Shepherd and K. Shibata and Richard S. Stolarski and Hamish Struthers and Wenshou Tian and Murakami Yoshiki},
V. Eyring, N. Butchart, D. W. Waugh, H. Akiyoshi, J. Austin, S. Bekki, G. E. Bodeker, B. A. Boville, C. Brühl, M. P. Chipperfield, E. Cordero, M. Dameris, M. Deushi, V. E. Fioletov, S. M. Frith, R. R. Garcia, A. Gettelman, M. A. Giorgetta, V. Grewe, L. Jourdain, D. E. Kinnison, E. Mancini, E. Manzini, M. Marchand, D. R. Marsh, T. Nagashima, P. A. Newman, J. E. Nielsen, S. Pawson, G. Pitari, D. A. Plummer, E. Rozanov, M. Schraner, T. G. Shepherd, K. Shibata, R. S. Stolarski, H. Struthers, W… CONTINUE READING


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