Assessment of O2 uptake dynamics in isolated single skeletal myocytes.

  title={Assessment of O2 uptake dynamics in isolated single skeletal myocytes.},
  author={Casey A. Kindig and Kevin M Kelley and Richard A. Howlett and Creed M Stary and Michael C Hogan},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={94 1},
The purpose of this research was to develop a technique for rapid measurement of O(2) uptake (Vo(2)) kinetics in single isolated skeletal muscle cells. Previous attempts to measure single cell Vo(2) have utilized polarographic-style electrodes, thereby mandating large fluid volumes and relatively poor sensitivity. Thus our laboratory has developed an approximately 100-microl, well-stirred chamber for the measurement of Vo(2) in isolated Xenopus laevis myocytes using a phosphorescence quenching… CONTINUE READING


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