Assessment of Groundwater Quality of Ilorin Metropolis using Water Quality Index Approach

  title={Assessment of Groundwater Quality of Ilorin Metropolis using Water Quality Index Approach},
  author={Olatunji Ja and O. A. Odediran and R. I. Obaro and Olasehinde Pi},
  journal={Nigerian Journal of Technological Development},
Groundwater as a source of potable water is becoming more important in Nigeria. Therefore, the need to ascertain the continuing potability of the sources cannot be over emphasised. This study is aimed at assessing the quality of selected groundwater samples from Ilorin metropolis, Nigeria, using the water quality index (WQI) method. Twenty two water samples were collected, 10 samples from boreholes and 12 samples from hand dug wells. All these were analysed for their physico – chemical… 

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