Assessment of [Fe/H] determinations for FGK stars in spectroscopic surveys

  title={Assessment of [Fe/H] determinations for FGK stars in spectroscopic surveys},
  author={Caroline Soubiran and Nathalie Brouillet and Laia Casamiquela},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
Context. The iron abundance [Fe / H] in the atmosphere of FGK-type stars is crucial in stellar and galactic physics. The number of stars with a measured value of [Fe / H] is increasing considerably thanks to spectroscopic surveys. However, di ff erent methodologies, inputs, and assumptions used in spectral analyses lead to di ff erent precisions in [Fe / H] and possibly to systematic di ff erences, which need to be evaluated. It is essential to understand the characteristics of each survey to… 



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