Assessment and Simulation of Glacier Lake Outburst Floods for Longbasaba and Pida Lakes, China

  title={Assessment and Simulation of Glacier Lake Outburst Floods for Longbasaba and Pida Lakes, China},
  author={Wang Xin and Liu Shiyin and Guo Wanqin and Xu Junli},
Abstract Longbasaba and Pida lakes are two moraine-dammed lakes located at the headwaters of the Geiqu River, a tributary of the Pumqu River in the Chinese Himalayas, at an elevation of about 5700 m. The minimum distance between the two lakes is 24 m and their difference in elevation is about 76 m. Breach risks were assessed on the basis of field surveys carried out in the summers of 2004, 2005, and 2006. Empirical formulae for breaching of moraine dams and the BREACH model for earthen dam… 
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