Assessing the head-to-toe physical examination skills of medical students.

  title={Assessing the head-to-toe physical examination skills of medical students.},
  author={Rachel Yudkowsky and Steven M. Downing and Debra L Klamen and Maureen Valaski and Barbara Eulenberg and Mihaela Octavia Popa},
  journal={Medical teacher},
  volume={26 5},
Second-year medical students performed a head-to-toe screening physical examination on trained patient instructors (PIs) as a high-stakes examination before beginning clinical clerkships. PIs completed a 138-item checklist and instructed the students in the proper performance of any incorrectly executed or omitted items. To assess the accuracy of the PI ratings, 'monitor' PIs watching the encounter by video completed checklists for 11 retests of failed students in 2001 and for 28 randomly… CONTINUE READING