Assessing the extent and nature of wildlife trade on the dark web

  title={Assessing the extent and nature of wildlife trade on the dark web},
  author={Joseph R. Harrison and David L. Roberts and Julio Hernandez-Castro},
  journal={Conservation Biology},
Use of the internet as a trade platform has resulted in a shift in the illegal wildlife trade. Increased scrutiny of illegal wildlife trade has led to concerns that online trade of wildlife will move onto the dark web. To provide a baseline of illegal wildlife trade on the dark web, we downloaded and archived 9852 items (individual posts) from the dark web, then searched these based on a list of 121 keywords associated with illegal online wildlife trade, including 30 keywords associated with… 

The illegal wildlife digital market: an analysis of Chinese wildlife marketing and sale on Facebook

Summary At an estimated US$19 billion, the illicit wildlife trade is a serious threat to global conservation efforts. This criminal enterprise is now digital, expanding its footprint to consumers

Evidence on the role of social media in the illegal trade of Iranian wildlife

The combination of increasing trade across an ever more globalized world and the ubiquity of social media access has led to unprecedented levels of wildlife exploitation. In this study, we

A guide to using the internet to monitor and quantify the wildlife trade

An accessible guide for Internet-based wildlife trade surveillance that uses a repeatable and systematic method to automate data collection from relevant websites and a generalizable framework is provided to research unexplored contexts of the trade.

Quantifying an online wildlife trade using a web crawler

Legally protected plants are illegally traded through online sales platforms and orchids are a significant component of this wildlife trade. This study focused on salep, a compound product made from

Who Needs the Dark Web? Exploring the Trade in Critically Endangered Plants on eBay

  • R. Perdue
  • Environmental Science
    American journal of criminal justice : AJCJ
  • 2021
The role the Internet plays in critically endangered plant transactions is examined and it is clear the surface web is playing an understudied and important role in fostering these cybercrimes.



Regulating Internet Trade in CITES Species

A case study in which international transactions over an internet auction site of CITES-listed cacti are quantified and data on export permits for live plants in the CTD is compared to assess the implementation of the Convention for international trade in CITes species over the internet.

Automatic detection of potentially illegal online sales of elephant ivory via data mining

An automated system to detect potentially illegal elephant ivory items for sale on eBay achieved close to 93% accuracy with less data than the experts, as it relied entirely on metadata, but did not employ item descriptions or associated images, thus proving the potential and generality of the approach.

The Deep Web and the Darknet: A Look Inside the Internet's Massive Black Box

Many believe a Google search can identify most of the information available on the Internet on a given subject. But there is an entire online world – a massive one – beyond the reach of Google or any

Can you really be identified on Tor or is that just what the cops want you to believe

When the National Crime Agency made its big announcement about Operation Notarise, it was obviously good news. Hundreds of people suspected of crimes could soon be under lock and key thanks to its

Anonymous connections and onion routing

A detailed specification of the implemented onion routing system, a vulnerability analysis based on this specification, and performance results are provided.

PeerJ Computer Science 1: e10. International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). 2014. Preventing illegal trade in restricted wildlife and improving the effectiveness of eBay's ivory ban

  • 2015

Moving targets: tracking online sales of illegal wildlife products in China

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An analysis of the Government's natural environment commitments

    Hidden service protocol

      Crime prevention and criminal justice responses to illicit trafficking in protected species of wild fauna and flora. Resolution 2013/40