Assessing the enrichment performance in targeted resequencing experiments.


Target enrichment strategies are a very common approach to sequence a predefined part of an individual's genome using second-generation sequencing technologies. While highly dependent on the technology and the target sequences selected, the performance of the various assays is also variable between samples and is influenced by the way how the libraries are… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/humu.22036

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@article{Frommolt2012AssessingTE, title={Assessing the enrichment performance in targeted resequencing experiments.}, author={Peter Frommolt and Ali T. Abdallah and Janine Altm{\"{u}ller and Susanne Motameny and Holger Thiele and Christian Becker and Kathryn Stemshorn and Matthias Fischer and Tobias M. Freilinger and Peter N{\"{u}rnberg}, journal={Human mutation}, year={2012}, volume={33 4}, pages={635-41} }