Assessing the citizen science approach as tool to increase awareness on the marine litter problem.

  title={Assessing the citizen science approach as tool to increase awareness on the marine litter problem.},
  author={Marina Locritani and Silvia Merlino and Megan R. Abbate},
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What Teachers Should Know for Effective Marine Litter Education: A Scoping Review

Marine litter has had a huge impact on the marine environment and the socio-economic activities that depend on healthy oceans. All members of the community must play their part to address marine

The Role of Citizen Science in Sustainable Agriculture

Farmers know much more than we think, and they are keen to improve their knowledge in order to improve their farms and increase their income. On the other hand, decision-makers, organizations, and

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We describe the process of the development of a citizen science platform on Ocean Literacy designed and implemented during the lockdown period of 2020. As restrictions due to the COVID-19 health

Marine environmental education learning system recommendation model based on student needs analysis in Indonesian coastal areas

This paper presented the development of the Dick and Carry model steps 1 to 4 of, namely the identification of educational objectives, educational analysis, analysis and context of the learner, and

Young people’s understandings and attitudes towards marine debris: a systematic scoping review

ABSTRACT This paper reports on the findings of a systematic and rigorous scoping review of all relevant peer-reviewed literature published up until April 2020 focused on young people’s understandings

Citizen Science Addressing Challenges of Sustainability

Practices for the engagement of citizens and other research and innovation (R and I) stakeholders in science can be found aplenty in the existing literature, all along with principles, guidelines and

Society Role in the Reduction of Plastic Pollution

Globally, plastic pollution generates a dramatic environmental impact, posing an increasing hazard to wildlife and human health. Complex measures are needed at the societal level to curb this



SeaCleaner: Focusing Citizen Science and Environment Education on Unraveling the Marine Litter Problem

The Pilot Project “SeaCleaner” is a citizen science and educational project, developed by the Institute of Marine Sciences of the Italian Research Council (CNR-ISMAR). Since 2013, it has involved

The potential for young citizen scientist projects: a case study of Chilean schoolchildren collecting data on marine litter

A wealth of environmental and ecological questions are answered with the help of citizen scientists of all ages, but schoolchil- dren (<18 years) rarely participate in these projects. This is

Towards a Marine Mindset: Visiting an Aquarium Can Improve Attitudes and Intentions Regarding Marine Sustainability

ABSTRACT The oceans are crucial for human survival, yet they are under serious threat from humans, for example through overfishing and poor waste management. We investigated two questions. First,

Public awareness, concerns, and priorities about anthropogenic impacts on marine environments

A pan-European survey of public perceptions about marine environmental impacts as a way to inform the formation of science and policy priorities suggests that the public perceives the immediacy of marine anthropogenic impacts and is highly concerned about ocean pollution, overfishing and ocean acidification.