Assessing the Usability of WorldCat Local: Findings and Considerations

  title={Assessing the Usability of WorldCat Local: Findings and Considerations},
  author={John Carlo Bertot and Katy Berube and Peter Devereaux and Kerry Dhakal and Stephen Powers and Jennie Ray},
  journal={The Library Quarterly},
  pages={207 - 221}
A number of academic, public, regional, and state libraries use WorldCat Local (WCL) as a resource location tool that enables users to search, find, and gain access to a range of print and electronic resources. WCL is a product of the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) and is a customizable resource locator and delivery tool that leverages a single-search-box interface to deliver access to nearly 900 million items from consortium member library collections to the world’s library collections… Expand

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I always stick with the first thing that comes up on Google": Motivating Student Engagement with the Digital Information Service Environment


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